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We buy


What and how we buy

Fabbrini Arte from Rome, is a company with many years experience in the field of antiques, specialised in evaluations, estimates and inheritance divisions.
We buy works of art, furniture and highly prestigious objects from private individuals and collectors. At Antiquariato Fabbrini you can find antique furniture as well as porcelain, sculptures, paintings and antique books, majolica and rare collectors objects.
We are ready to examine your objects personally, offer you consultancy on the value of your paintings, antique objects, modern art or entire collections so that you can be given an initial evaluation without any commitment on your part and free of charge.

How the evaluation is carried out

Examination of the object: For an initial idea of evaluation do not hesitate to contact Fabbrini Arte. Our expert and competent staff are always available for any possible inspections, free of charge, and in some cases you can simply send us a photograph together with precise indications on the measurements and the materials. The company recommends that you always provide information on the history of the piece, as well as any possible existing appraisals and certificates. Once again, you can contact the headquarters of Piazza Sabazio 31 in Rome for a free evaluation and with no commitment, for personalised agreements to satisfy your requirements.

Assessment, evaluations and estimates, expertise: Our staff of experts have in-depth knowledge of the national and international markets, of the trend of current prices and collaboration with the most important art historians on a worldwide level, allowing Fabbrini Arte to rapidly express their views with an approximate price of your object.

If further research is necessary, you will be informed on the results of the expertise and on the estimated value.

The purchase: Our database of potential buyers throughout the world and the efficiency in consolidated relations in the last few years with accredited partners on an international level, allow the company from Rome to make a proposal in the acquisition of antiques and works of art, exceeding and often facilitating the offers of merchants and estimates by auction houses. The reality of public tenders, in crisis for several years, is not generating satisfactory results (with 80% of unsold products) as it is inevitably connected with indiscriminate visibility on the internet, and is taking more and more joy and satisfaction of a private purchase away from the final customer or from the merchant interested, far from criticisms and curious glances.



For any information regarding the purchase of an antique, contact Fabbrini Arte at the contact details indicated below:


Piazza Sabazio 31

Roma (rm), 00199 Italia