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Antique furniture and antiques

We evaluate your furniture.

Furniture from all eras

There is a big different between old furniture and antique furniture and obviously everybody can understand this.

It is not as easy to perform a reliable assessment to classify an object in the first, in the second or in any of the two categories.

We at Fabbrini Arte from Rome are without a doubt able to do so, thanks to the work of our experts in this field, with an excellent level of preparation and an excellent style-related knowledge.

Recognising the styles in vogue in a specific period is very important to be able to attribute a chest or a sofa to a specific period in time. Production methods have changed a lot across the centuries and latitudes. Establishing the price of a chest, a desk or an antique table is a job that requires confrontation and a whole range of parameters:


State of preservation,

These are the main ones.

It is also necessary to assess if a piece of furniture has already been restored or not, if original pieces have been replaced (deteriorated by time or by other factors) with other more recent pieces. Even any glass elements may not necessarily be original and may have been recently replaced.

Obviously a decisive element is the type of processing that a piece of furniture has been subject to.

The presence of:


Inlay work,

Precious finishes.

All of this and a lot more allows the professionals of Antichità Fabbrini Arte to assess furniture of all eras and any other antique object.



For any information regarding the purchase of an antique, contact Fabbrini Arte at the contact details indicated below:


Piazza Sabazio 31

Roma (rm), 00199 Italia