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Brokerage, antique appraisals and customised services

We evaluate works of art with low commission fees

Sale: Our strategy to achieve the very best sales results is based on many resources, we can provide our customer with a “made-to-measure” service.
One of the main factors of the important results that we achieve is the confidentiality with which the object of art reaches our clientele of collectors without going through the antiques market.
The experience of our team, our database of potential buyers throughout the world and the efficiency of consolidated relations throughout the years with accredited partners on an international level, allow us to sell your works of art in the very best way, in compliance with the norms regulating the circulation of works of art in the European Community and Third Parties.

The reality of public tenders, in crisis for several years, is not generating satisfactory results (with 80% of unsold products) as it is inevitably connected with indiscriminate visibility on the internet, and is taking more and more joy and satisfaction of a private purchase away from the final customer or from the merchant interested, far from criticisms and curious glances.
Furthermore, our commission fees are much lower and our examination, assessment and sales times are much faster.
The Mandate to sell is a contract between the seller (consignee) and Fabbrini Arte (seller) confirming that the object delivered will be sold at the price indicated (or to be indicated if a study or control of any kind is necessary) and within the times established.
Our commission fees (or premium of the seller) are calculated according to a sliding scale with regards to the value of the sale.
Special rates and commission fees are applied to no-profit institutions. The mandate to sell indicates the sales conditions, the commission fee applied and the rates for additional services such as insurance, theft, damage and transport liability.
Fabbrini Arte also provides assistance with regards to packaging and transport of the property to be sold.



For any information regarding the purchase of an antique, contact Fabbrini Arte at the contact details indicated below:


Piazza Sabazio 31

Roma (rm), 00199 Italia